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Enforce Texas Child Support on Your Own

DIY Course with Forms & Instructional Videos

Avoid the Delays & Frustrations from the OAG

Its frustrating and demeaning to have to wait months and years to finally get the chance to hold a deadbeat parent accountable.  The Office of the Attorney General, works hard to enforce and collect child support, but there are just too many cases.  With our service, you will learn how to file your own case, and even work with the attorney general in enforcing your own child support.  But here’s the great thing.  You will be in the drivers seat.  You will set the schedule.  You will move the case forward and decide the pace.

Save Thousands Without an Attorney

If you don’t want to wait on the Office of the Attorney General, hiring a private attorney is always a nice option, but if you don’t have a quick $3,000 – $6,000 at your disposal, you probably can’t afford one.  This course will not only save you thousands, but it will empower you for years to come to initiate enforcement proceedings for your support the minute it goes delinquent.

Obtain the Tools to Enforce Child Support for Years

Each Divorce Package is available at a low cost, flat fee price with no hidden fees or expenses.  With a simple one-time payment you can empower yourself to handle your own divorce with confidence and save thousands of dollars and months of stress by not hiring an attorney.

Course Features


Downloadable Forms


Easy Step-by-Step Instructions & Videos


6 Months Access to Videos


Forms & Videos Prepared by Texas Family Law Attorney

Attorney Prepared Enforcement Forms

Forms Prepared by Attorney

Your Forms are professionally prepared by Texas Attorney Nicholas A. Davis based on his many years of experience practicing Family Law in the State of Texas.

Designed Only for Texas Use

Our forms are specific to the State of Texas to aid in both ease and enforceability.

Video Instructions

Our course is accompanied with instructional and commentary videos to guide you through preparing your forms, filing, and presenting testimony in court.

Tips & Tricks

Our courses further provide sample tips and tricks used to increase the potential for enforcement and even a contempt finding by the court.

Do I Qualify for the Course?


You are a Texas Resident.


You are the only person to whom child support is owed.


If the child is a minor, you must still have possession of the child.


Texas is the State in which the Child Support was Ordered.


You know where to locate the nonpaying parent.


You understand that while this course is designed for all enforcement cases, we do not recommended its use for individuals owed more than $10,000 – $15,000 in unpaid child support.


You understand you will be required to appear in court and represent yourself.


The child is not now over 25 years of age.


You understand that this course is not a substitute for legal advice.


You understand that use of this course will in no way create an attorney/client relationship with the attorney involved with their courses


There is risk in all cases.  If you are owed, more than $10,000 – $15,000 or if you do not believe you will be comfortable speaking for yourself in court, you may not wish to purchase this course.  This course is intended to work for nearly any enforcement case, but with amounts exceeding $15,000 its recommended that a private attorney or the OAG be utilized.


If child support was originally ordered in another state, do not utilize these forms.


If the child is still a minor, but you no longer have primary possession of them, or you voluntarily surrended possession to someone else, you should use a private attorney or the OAG.

Let's Get Started

Enforcement Course

  • Overview of Texas Law as It Pertains to Child Support Enforcement.
  • Enforcement Forms with Instructions
  • Includes Options & Instructions for seeking contempt (jail time).

  • Video Step-by-Step Instructions on Completing Forms
  • Video Commentary on Testimony and Court Appearances
  • Sample Testimony
  • Sample Cross Examination Testimony of the Nonpaying Parent
  • Suggestions for Working with the Attorney General
  • 6 Months Online Access to Course Videos and Forms
  • Additional Tips & Tricks Included
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